Koba Insurance

Drive less, save more


KOBA Insurance is on a mission to help over 10 million Aussie drivers lower their annual premiums by only charging them for the km that they drive.


Andrew Wong (CEO) – Has been on the forefront of digital media and marketing for most of his career, always on the edge of change. Holding a Masters in Business Entrepreneurship, Andrew has launched 3 small businesses and successfully raised money twice for start-ups.



Some people drive their cars a lot, some people drive their cars very little, so why are they paying the same fee for their car insurance?


KOBA offers real-time, comprehensive insurance that means drivers benefit from transparent pricing, where they pay just a few cents per km they drive. As people are only paying for the kms they drive those who don’t drive very often can save money. KOBA utilises smart technology which is already fitted in most new cars to track and assess usage, helping drivers pay for how much they use along with reducing claims cost and fraud. They also offer all of this in a monthly renewable policy instead of an annual contract, allowing consumers increased flexibility.

“The Insurtech Gateway Australia team know just about everyone in the market. I’m excited to learn and connect with industry experts who can help guide our business through the perils of start up life.”

Andrew Wong, Co-Founder and CEO at Koba Insurance

“The mobility market, incorporating vehicle commuting, is increasingly moving to merely transport rather than ownership. To have an insurance product that understands and aligns with this marketplace, means we are ahead of the game.

Based on current take-up rates in the US, EU and APAC, usage based motor insurance was forecast to grow at 85% YoY to 2027 ($25Bn USD to $115bn USD). The benefits of PAYD  are cost and flexibility. With daily and monthly caps, there is no downside. ”

Simon O’Dell, CEO at Insurtech Gateway Australia

We understand that your idea might not be fully formed yet, that you might still be in a full time job or be genuinely stuck with lots of stakeholders breathing down your neck.

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