Climate Insurtech Applications Open

We are excited to open applications for a new wave of climate insurtechs to join Gateway’s incubator.

Insurtech Gateway has spent the last five years supporting 26 teams to achieve their goals faster. Of these, a cohort has been focused on climate goals, driving positive behavior change and tech adoption. 

💦 FloodFlash helps SMEs be more resilient in the face of flooding. Their technology allows them to provide protection in high risk areas and pay claims in a matter of hours.

🌳 Kita insures carbon credits. This new level of certainty on the delivery of the carbon credits is unlocking access to new finance for carbon capture projects.

🌩️ EHAB empowers construction planning teams with hyper-local climate adjusted datasets, machine learning and industry specific planning features. 

🌾 IBISA protects smallholder farmers from extreme weather. Their platform connects everyone in the value chain to protect the most vulnerable. 

Insurtech Gateway and our ecosystem of founders and investors want to work harder to support climate innovators, and are looking to support five more pre-seed founding teams this year. They will each receive hands-on support with venture building, partnerships, regulatory licenses and investment up to £1M per company. 

Who should apply?

You are a pre-seed team building a business case within the emerging climate tech categories: 

  • Green AgiTech
  • Circular Economy
  • Carbon Markets
  • Biosphere protection
  • Renewable energy production and storage 
  • Green infrastructure and transport
  • Climate resilience

We’re seeking radical ways to de-risk new technologies, incentivise new behaviors at scale, and bring security to lenders across various applications and markets – an insurtech business model could unlock a path to profitability and fundraising for these ventures.

Insurtech Gateway was created to help non-insurance founders launch and scale radical risk-based business models. We have all the regulation and insurance stuff covered – like having an extra member of the team – so as long as you have a fantastic idea, rapid execution skills and climate expertise we will get you to Series A.

What you get

  • Up to £1M in funding from pre-seed to Series A
  • Regulation compliance
  • Insurance partnerships
  • Bespoke 1:1 support from our team of venture building experts
  • An alumni network of 42 founders
  • Access to an extensive and active network of experts and investors

When to apply

We understand that you might not have a fully formed product or business model, so don’t let that put you off. If you have a winning idea, we can help to shape a highly investible insurtech product or business around you. 

Applications close on the 5th of July but start dates are flexible. Those currently in accelerators or venture builders can apply now, then join Insurtech Gateway when ready.


What people say about us

trust carbon credits insurtech Kita Natalia Dorfman

“Starting an insurance company is a challenging thing and there were many (many) facets of the process we didn’t understand – from the regulation to finding capacity to the nuances of insurance product development. Insurtech Gateway was with us the whole time, providing guidance and accelerating the process. In particular, Insurtech Gateway’s help on the regulatory process was instrumental in achieving that quickly.” Natalia Dorfman, Co-Founder of Kita.

Chris Coleridge, the Founder and CEO of Carbon13 Kita story

“Kita have benefitted enormously from Insurtech Gateway’s knowledge and ecosystem since graduating from Carbon13. The biggest proof point to us has been Kita’s ability to develop rapidly as a startup in the highly regulated insurance sector, which by necessity has costly and time-intensive barriers for new entrants. Insurtech Gateway’s ecosystem has also been instrumental in generating the amount of interest shown in Kita, culminating in their nomination for the Earthshot Prize.” Chris Coleridge, Founder and CEO of Carbon 13

Maria Mateo Iborra co-founder ibisa insurtech

“The Gateway’s founder-friendly approach to funding helped us to navigate through something totally new to us. It felt like we’d found a real ally, thanks to the truly cooperative process, and the invaluable expertise provided by the Gateway team. Even through due diligence and legal we felt supported, rather than as if we were trying to be caught out. It was exactly what we needed to find our way through the insurance space and develop the product.” Maria Mateo Iborra, Co-Founder of IBISA