Welcome ReSpark to Insurtech Gateway

Today, ReSpark, an end-to-end SaaS solution for policy administration, announced today that it will join the Insurtech Gateway as a portfolio company. The collaboration is a first step in providing end-to-end resources for new insurance companies, building on the benefits of a united insurtech ecosystem.

ReSpark is a software solution for policy administration. It is easily accessible and affordable for startups, maintainable by a small team, and has all of the tools needed to implement complicated insurance products without red tape or extensive builds. Because ReSpark is independent and not affiliated with any carriers, clients have full control over their insurance markets and commission structures. All of this is delivered at the most competitive price point and without any back-end fees, premiums, or commissions.

“We’re excited to be part of the Insurtech Gateway ecosystem,” said Jamal Sabky, Co-founder of ReSpark. “We hope to bring visibility to our platform, which we believe will eliminate the need for start-ups to raise and spend millions of dollars on technology and development teams.”

“ReSpark’s platform strongly aligns with the Gateway’s thesis of creating the ‘fastest place to launch an insurtech idea’.” Said Richard Chattock, CEO at Insurtech Gateway.

“Their platform demonstrates a dynamic, cost efficient and innovative offering to the insurtech ecosystem that we’re incredibly excited to support.”

ReSpark plans to add out-of-the box front end website features and take their platform to a broader audience in the coming months.