Head of Insurance at Uber joins Collective Benefits

Russell Corbould-Warren, former Head of Insurance for EMEA at Uber

Russell Corbould-Warren, former Head of Insurance for EMEA at Uber, joins Collective Benefits as Chief Underwriting Officer and Head of Europe.

Russell has already reinvented insurance for independent workers once at Uber, leading the development of their groundbreaking Partner Protection programme, so Collective Benefits are thrilled to have him coming on board to do so for the on-demand economy as a whole.

As Head of Insurance for EMEA at Uber, Russell developed their Partner Protection programmes, providing first-of-its-kind insurance cover to over 750,000 drivers and couriers across 35 countries in EMEA and setting a new standard for protecting independent workers. Since the EU launch of the programme in 2018, 58,000 claims have been made in Europe alone, amounting to 235,000 days of lost earnings paid to drivers, plus a further €12 million paid to 11,000 new parents in maternity and paternity claims (‘A Better Deal’, Uber, 2021).

In his new role as Chief Underwriting Officer and Head of Europe at Collective, Russell will be building on his groundbreaking work at Uber and scaling this up to reach the whole on-demand economy with the cutting-edge, cost-effective and completely customisable products and technology that Collective has already brought to market.

Built exclusively for independent workers, Collective’s innovative insurance and benefits platform brings together a wide range of financial protections designed specifically for these workers’ needs. From sick and injury pay, to family and compassionate leave, to specialist protections for riders, drivers and couriers, the company has reimagined insurance to provide a much-needed safety net where it matters the most, and was previously lacking for much of the sector.

Despite launching only last year, Collective is expanding rapidly across Europe. The company is now providing insurance and benefits to over 200,000 members across 18 countries and has partnered with some of the world’s fastest-growing on-demand platforms in mobility and logistics, including Stuart, Gigable, Gophr, Laundryheap and Weezy.

“I’m excited to be joining the exceptional team at Collective Benefits as Chief Underwriting Officer and Head of Europe,” says Russell.

“We share a common passion to provide independent workers with an essential safety net of portable protections that enable them to thrive, and we have the market leading technology, people and products to deliver on that vision.”

“Russell’s deep industry knowledge and innovative approach to insurance are unparalleled in the sector,” says Collective’s CEO Anthony Beilin. “We’re hugely excited to have him join us on our mission and help us get independent workers the protections they need to live and work without compromise.”


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