Could insurtech unlock your business?

Have you ever considered the value your business might have in the insurance space? Reframing your business as an insurtech could unlock new investment, new markets and game-changing products.

We built Insurtech Gateway, the only FCA authorised independent incubator + fund, so founders from any background could embrace insurance enabled business models.

Our specialist Gateway Incubator supports early-stage tech founders with underwriting capacity regulation, investment capital and expert guidance.

The Gateway Fund supports the portfolio passed incubation, as they enter a phase of rapid growth and scale-up, to Series A and beyond.

Basically, we have all the complicated bits covered, so founders can focus on what they do best, building highly scalable businesses in emerging markets.

Answer these seven questions and discover if insurtech could unlock your business.


Does your business offer a prevention product?

If yes, insurtech could unlock an end-to-end solution.


Does your business idea have social impact, mitigate risk or increase the efficiency of aid delivery?

If yes, insurtech could give your social impact business an additional, highly profitable, revenue stream.


Have you identified under protected groups in society?

If yes, insurtech could enable you to protect these groups.


Does your business look at behavioural data?

If yes, insurtech could unlock the next generation of usage based insurance products.


Does your IoT business collect new unique data sets?

If yes, insurtech could unlock revolutionary new insurance products and open new markets.


Is the growth of your business limited by risk aversion? 

If yes, insurtech could help mitigate the downside.


Is your business in an emerging economy that currently lacks consumer trust?

If yes, insurtech could build trust in your marketplace.

If your answer was YES to any of the questions above sign up to our FREE virtual event.

Our panel will dive into the different ways insurtech could unlock your businesses’ true potential and show you how to access this lucrative market. It is the perfect opportunity for tech founders, entrepreneurs and domain experts without an insurance background, to explore the value insurtech could add to their game-changing ideas and products.

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Could insurtech unlock your business