The Insurtech Gateway is the world’s first authorised Insurtech Incubator + Venture Capital Fund. The fastest place to build and launch an Insurtech idea.

We are thrilled to share that our Incubator model is being upgraded, with the additional of a Follow-on Venture Capital Fund backed by global insurers and reinsurers.

The Fund will raise up to £30M and has completed its first close.

“The launch of the Gateway Venture Capital Fund will enable us to give startups an unprecedented level of support; from pre seed, right the way through to Series A and beyond.”

Richard Chattock, CEO, Insurtech Gateway

The Gateway Fund has kicked off by investing £2.25m in 4 portfolio companies:

  • By Miles, a usage-based car insurance offering ’per mile’ insurance to low mileage drivers.
  • Floodflash, a provider of tech-enabled flood insurance for small business.
  • Guardhog, plug-in insurance for the sharing economy and gig-economy platforms.
  • Insurdata, technology to create precise exposure data globally for all perils.

The Fund is also leading the seed round of:

  • Humn, a dynamic pricing system for car fleet operators.
Insurtech Founders Venture Capital Fund

“Partnering with the Insurtech Gateway has allowed us to throw away our Lonely Planet guide to insurance and travel some of the more remote routes of the industry safely and quickly, leaving us to do what we do best and saving us at least 10 months in getting to market with a wrapped insurance product.”

Mark Musson, CEO & Founder, Humn

The new Gateway Fund will open up opportunities for collaboration, as corporate investors gain access to investment and underwriting deal-flow from the Gateway Incubator. In return, successful startup founders will have access to underwriting guidance and scaling support.

We are excited to continue innovating outside the industry, in an independent ecosystem. Exploring how we can support founders build new insurtech business models, using new tech advancements such as; pricing-by-the-millisecond, big data and mobile technology.