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Stop workplace caregiver burnout

Yurtle is the UK’s first insurtech solving for caregiver burnout in the workplace through a novel caregiver insurance and care management app. The app helps employee caregivers build resilient care teams around them and deliver high quality care to their loved ones. If the employee suffers a health emergency the insurance kicks in to ensure continuity of care. Their B2B model will accelerate distribution, with the product on track to become a standard workplace benefit in just five years. 

Insurtech Gateway co-lead Yurtle’s £1.5m Seed round in February 2024.

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We’re in the midst of a caregiving crisis, with 12,000 individuals thrust into caregiving roles daily. A significant 66% of people will take time off work to provide unpaid care. When caregivers lack support in UK workplaces, it results in a substantial cost of £4.8 billion annually for employers, attributed to productivity losses, absenteeism, and employee turnover.


Yurtle connects employee caregivers to a supportive ecosystem, addressing the challenges of stress, inexperience, and burnout associated with unpaid caring. The insurance component covers and arranges professional backup care when employees are unable to fulfill their caregiving duties due to illness or accidents. This not only offers peace of mind but also establishes a crucial contingency plan. 


Antonio Ribiero (CEO and Founder) –  Excels in executing goals and building key relationships. Having started his career in industry leading insurance and asset management firms, he developed a holistic grasp of demographic trends and the power of pooled risk as a tool for positive change. For years he built and scaled social impact ventures in most major continents across education, banking, and automotive.

Antonio Ribeiro, Founder, Yurtle - Insurtech gateway portfolio

“Business building is fraught with insecurities. Having the Gateway seal of approval has been both energising and reassuring but also a signal to the outside world that a leading insurtech Seed investor agrees that a world with Yurtle is inevitable. Population ageing is irrepressible and caregivers have been left alone for far too long. Together with Gateway we will continue to provide market leading support for the backbone of our social care system.”

Antonio Ribiero, CEO and Founder at Yurtle

“Caregiving is the single largest driver of underrepresentation of women in the senior leadership, it is behind the gender pension and pay gaps, and the lower participation of women in paid work. Yurtle’s product takes a direct approach to tackle this inequality, offering caregivers the community support and financial security necessary to look after their own health and career, while providing high-quality care to loved ones. We are proud to support Yurtle as they expand their product across the UK and beyond.”

Richard Chattock, CEO at Insurtech Gateway

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