Embedded pet insurance

Keeping pets healthy and happy

Rainwalk is a team of animal lovers who believe that no pet parent should have to choose between their budget or providing the best possible care for their pets. 

They founded Rainwalk to build pet insurance policies with better coverage and more value – so animals can receive the healthcare services they need, especially during an emergency. Their unique route to market is making pet insurance more accessible, closing the pet protection gap. 

Insurtech Gateway invested in Rainwalk’s $4m Seed round in April 2024.

Rainwalk Embedded pet insurance Insurtech Gateway portfolio
Rainwalk Embedded pet insurance Insurtech Gateway portfolio

Many people struggle to pay vet bills, with costs rising 11% every year. Yet, as of 2022, only 4.8 million out of the 141 million pets in the US were insured. That is less than 4%. 

Awareness and education about pet health insurance in the United States is still very low, and those who actively looked for insurance struggled to know which brand to trust.


Rainwalk embeds a one-click purchase experience in shelters and breeders so that their pet insurance could be offered to new pet parents when they first collect their pets. The shelters and breeders validate the quality of the Rainwalk product with their recommendation. This trust is reflected in Rainwalk’s conversion rates to date which are significantly higher than the current market penetration rate. 

Rainwalk Founder

Josh Snead (Founder) – Josh has nine years of expertise in property and casualty insurance, engaging cross functionally across Data and Analytics. In previous roles at Guidewire and Capgemini, Josh showcased a talent for leadership in insurtech growth and acquisitions. A licensed insurance agent with degrees from the University of South Carolina, his experience aligns perfectly with Rainwalk’s tech enabled B2B strategy.

Josh Snead, Founder at Rainwalk Insurtech Gateway Portfolio

“We are incredibly excited to be partnered with Insurtech Gateway to help drive the pet health insurance market to the next phase of maturity. Their deep domain expertise in insurance, global network of insurance professionals and entrepreneurs, and experience as investors in the insurtech space make them a perfect partner for Rainwalk”

Josh Snead, Founder at Rainwalk

“We have been observing the pet market for many years, knowing that it is a massively underserved market, but insurtech founders have always struggled with traction. When we met Rainwalk and saw the growth they had already achieved with their unique distribution strategy we jumped at the opportunity to support their Seed round. Josh is an impressive founder, his background in Insurance technology and B2B sales is a perfect fit for Rainwalk’s tech enabled B2B distribution strategy.” 

Richard Chattock, CEO at Insurtech Gateway

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