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EHAB is the first weather risk management platform for construction. They are taking a lead in an industry beset by growing climate risks and weather related delays. They work with industry leading contractors such as BAM Nuttall, Morgan Sindall, Costain, Balfour Beatty and many others. The platform is available globally and is already used across the UK, as well as in Ireland, Brazil, Canada and Australia.

Insurtech Gateway led their Pre-Seed round in May 2020 and went on to lead their £1m Seed round in March 2022.


Josh Graham (CEO) – Josh has been running startups and charities since 2015, with a focus on sales and product development.

Filipe Moura (CTO) – Filipe has been developing software for 18 years working across continents and in a myriad of industries including social impact, insurance and finance.

EHAB Founders Insurtech Gateway Portfolio
EHAB Insurtech Gateway Portfolio

Complexity: Weather risk and its interaction with a construction project is highly complex. With so many dependencies within projects, a small delay somewhere could have big consequences come the end of the project. Modelling this is extremely difficult. 

Poor data: Most companies today have access to some kind of weather data. But this is rarely fit for purpose given the complex nature of the problem above and the fact that climate change is causing serious changes in the underlying trends, as we’ve all experienced in recent years. 

Gut-feel: Most companies today take a very simple approach which leaves a lot of opportunity for productivity gains, as they are more exposed to the extremes of a changing climate. 


EHAB’s platform offers an enterprise risk management solution which connects with planning and risk softwares to deliver actionable insights at every stage of the project lifecycle. 

Leveraging this detailed insight on weather risk customers are then able to price and procure a first of its kind parametric insurance policy through the platform.

EHAB Insurtech Gateway Portfolio

“Developing new products is really challenging and Insurtech Gateway has helped us at every step of the way to evolve our thinking, connect us with the right people and help us get ready for launch.”

Josh Graham, CEO at EHAB

“The EHAB team have demonstrated a step change in quantifying and mitigating weather risk in construction.  Their Seed fundraise is validation of the progress they have made and fuel to begin scaling the business.  The construction industry urgently needs protection from the impact of climate change with almost half of all projects already delayed by weather.  We are excited to continue working closely with the team as they help their clients manage the changing environment.”

Stephen Brittain, Co-Founder at Insurtech Gateway

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