Reinventing life insurance for people with chronic illnesses


Bluezone launched its first unique policy for British people with Type 2 diabetes in June 2023. The new life insurance solution offers any individuals in the UK with Type 2 diabetes life insurance cover through a seamless digital journey that delivers a 10-fold improvement on the current solution – it removes the lengthy form filling and the required medical appointments previously needed to secure a similar policy. In October 2023, Bluezone announced a partnership with Shepherds Friendly to improve services for diabetes patients.

Insurtech Gateway led their £1.5m Seed round in May 2022. Bluezone became regulated as Gateway’s Appointed Representative in July 2022 and secured insurance capacity with Gen Re in September 2022.

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Karan Mehta CEO and Chris Bracegirdle CTO Bluezone Insurtech Gateway portfolio

The founding team are a group of Doctors, AI and behavioural scientists.

Karan Mehta (CEO) – Karan is a medical doctor and an NHS clinical entrepreneur fellow. He is a PhD Candidate in AI in Healthcare at University College London. Previously, he has worked at Babylon Health, YuLife and as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Insurtech accelerator.

Chris Bracegirdle (CTO) – Chris is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in Machine Learning, holding a PhD from University College London. His previous venture was acquired by FTSE-100 company Rightmove PLC in 2016. He has extensive experience in technology, banking, and fintech.


People are rejected from life insurance policies on diagnosis of chronic health conditions. Premiums are too expensive and onboarding is cumbersome with health checks to complete.


Bluezone is reinventing life insurance underwriting for chronic diseases by offering precise and fair premiums specific to an individuals health profile, as well as streamlining the onboarding process and reducing the need for health checks.

Bluezone | Insurtech Gateway Portfolio

“Insurtech Gateway has been a huge support to Bluezone and was fundamental in helping us become regulated. We received Appointed Representative status in only two months thanks to their support. Without Gateway the process could have taken more than a year.”

Karan Mehta, Co-Founder and CEO at Bluezone

“Around 4.9 million people in the UK are living with diabetes, with 90% of these cases being Type 2. This figure is predicted to rise to 5.3 million by 2025. It’s a significant problem, one that demands innovative solutions and effective care strategies. We’ve cultivated a thriving community at, the largest of its kind globally, with over 750K members. It’s a unique platform for shared experiences, knowledge, and support, which are incredibly vital in managing a condition like Type 2 diabetes.

Collaborating with Bluezone gives us a chance to introduce these resources to an even wider audience. With Bluezone’s insurance solutions and our digital therapy, we are not just offering a service – we are creating an ecosystem that supports health and wellbeing in a holistic sense.”

Charlotte Summers, Founding Chief of Operations at

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