Coincover Growth Explosion!

David and Hannah coincover interview

Coincover has been growing rapidly with customers in all four corners of the globe. I spoke with co-founder and CEO, David Janczewski, to find out more.

Coincover has been flying of late, what can you attribute this to?

We’ve been working hard on our product and how we describe it to potential customers. It may sound simple and obvious, but we made a conscious effort to listen to our customers and understand their challenges. Building on top of our core technology, we’ve been able to develop a suite of products that address these issues.

We’ve also taken the time to listen to what our customers need and to align ourselves to their aspirations – they have growth ambitions too, and we know we’re key to that. It’s a simple formula but can be hard to do when you are in the thick of a technology build or operational set-up.

It sounds like things are going really well! Have you faced any challenges?

Well, not many businesses have been untouched by the effects of COVID. Whilst for us, things have been very much BAU as our systems allow us to work remotely and securely from anywhere, the challenge for us has been around recruitment. There’s a tremendous amount of talent out there, and our priority has always been finding folks that are a good team fit. It was unusual at first to have team members joining the business who we’d not met in person, but it seems to be quite the norm these days.

We know that fully supporting our customers takes time and focus. When we onboard a new customer, we aim to make the experience as straight forward as possible. We tried to apply this philosophy to our recruits. Just like when we are onboarding new customers, we want to make sure we do an excellent job of looking after them because ultimately they’ll take us to the next level.

How have you coped with these challenges?

It’s the strength of the team. There’s a lot of collective experience there, they’ve stepped up as a group, and I am most grateful that they did! Alongside continued investment in the team, we’ve been improving our technology integration at scale capabilities so that clients can onboard more efficiently in the future.

What have you learned along the way?

Getting the right people on the bus and making sure they are in the right seat is by far and away, the biggest lesson for me personally. Whilst I’ve heard the phrase many times, actually experiencing it day to day is quite something.

I’d also say that finding ways to present our products in a way that is beneficial to our customers was also a big lesson. Even more so, ensuring that our customers obtain benefits realisation is critical to building a long-term relationship where everyone wins.

What’s next for Coincover?

Quite a lot! We’ll continue to strengthen our customer success and operations teams, and are working hard behind the scenes to build out our product roadmap. We have new features and brand new products coming in 2021, which will help our existing customers as well as attract even more new customers – watch this space!