… to deliver per-load cargo insurance to carriers and freight brokers.

Loadsure and Klein­schmidt announced today that the companies have partnered to deliver the ability to purchase on-demand, pay-as-you-go cargo insurance to Freight­Launch, Kleinschmidt’s digital freight enablement platform.

Loadsure, in combination with Kleinschmidt’s global B2B messaging network — and broad experience in engineering EDI and API integration solutions for the freight, logistics, retail and manu­fac­turing industries — will provide a streamlined cargo insurance purchasing process that helps carriers and brokers broaden their insurance coverage, cut costs, and more effectively manage risk. Users of Kleinschmidt’s Freight­Launch platform will be able to add additional cargo insurance with one click as they accept new loads via EDI from their shipper partners. They’ll also realize an accelerated resolution of claims, as the end-to-end processing that takes weeks or months through traditional means can be settled in just minutes through Loadsure’s fully-digital process.

Loadsure and Kleinschmidt partnership

“The team at Loadsure is excited to partner with Klein­schmidt, an established technology provider. When it comes to providing mission-critical solutions to the freight and logistics industry, their expertise is unmatched. Like us, they’re also driven to deliver clear customer value — resolving the pain points customers face when operating in the extremely competitive spot freight market through leading-edge technology solutions. We’re excited to provide our on-demand cargo insurance to their users and grow our product alongside FreightLaunch.” Johnny McCord, Loadsure CEO.

“We’re always on the lookout for technology partners that can bring not just value, but real world utility to our customers and users, and Loadsure fits the bill. Our new digital freight enablement platform, Freight­Launch, is a product that we were very excited to roll out. It helps a specific, but crucial segment of our customer base to bridge a technology gap that’s typically managed by complex enterprise solutions. We’ve distilled that specific EDI workflow down to its basic form and broken down some barriers to doing more business, and we’ve elected to bring Loadsure into the platform because we feel it does the same for the complex cargo insurance process.” Phil Johnson, Director of Marketing at Klein­schmidt.

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