US Tour: Department of International Trade

Wow! 4 out of 12 startups on the Department of International Trade’s mission to Silicon Valley and ITC Vegas are from the Gateway’s portfolio. Huge congratulations to Humn, Digital Asset Services, Nayms and FloodFlash.

The mission is a great opportunity for the founders to meet US investors, insurers and startups.

“DAS, Humn, FloodFlash and NAYMS represent all that is best about insurtech innovation. Best-in-class talent from a range of sectors colliding with deep industry expertise to create paradigm-shifting technologies and products. The Gateway’s new collaborative model is unlocking the power and potential of insurtech, with its portfolio now fundamentally changing the way in which insurance operates and is engaged with on the world stage.”

Associate at Insurtech Gateway, Charlie Evans

“We are super pleased to have made the selection for the Department for International Trade (DIT)’s Insurtech mission to San Francisco in September as well as attending InsurTech Connect in Las Vegas. Travelling with delegates from Insurtech Gateway, one of our awesome investors and bringing Dynamic, real time risk pricing for commercial fleets from the UK to the US. Thanks to Jacob Whitish at the DIT and Charlie Evans at Insurtech Gateway for the support.”

Founder at Humn, and lead for the 2019 Mission to San Francisco Mark Musson

“FloodFlash wants no business to fail because an unforeseen natural disaster strikes — and businesses in the US endure more uninsured catastrophe losses than anywhere else in the world. Billions of dollars are lost because of the hurricane-driven flooding seen in Sandy, Katrina, Harvey and Florence in recent years, because of inland flooding like that in Iowa and Nebraska this year, and because of earthquakes, hail, wildfires and other disasters.

FloodFlash’s parametric insurance is the best and most efficient way to protect those who are at risk, and this mission with the UK’s Department for International Trade represents the next step is enabling those American businesses to remain resilient when disaster strikes.”

FloodFlash co-founder and lead for the 2019 Mission to San Francisco, Adam Rimmer.

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“UK insurtech is at the heart of the ongoing global transformation across the insurance industry and previous mission delegates have raised in excess of £50,000,000 in investment and gained international recognition. The Department for International Trade is proud to bring another delegation of thriving insurtechs to the cutting-edge hub of the US ecosystem. This trade mission further strengthens and deepens the unique connection between two global insurtech leaders.”

The Department for International Trade’s Vice Consul and Head of Financial Services – West Coast, Jacob Whitish

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