Reproductive health insurance

Reproductive healthcare, for everyone

Juniper addresses the existing gap in health insurance by providing pioneering reproductive health coverage encompassing all genders and life stages.

They make it easy for global companies and their employees to understand and access a full suite of benefits like; contraception, sterilisation, hormonal health and blood tests, genetics testing, STI testing, sexual health checks, infertility, surrogacy, gender dysphoria, cancer to reproductive organs, and menopause.

Insurtech Gateway led Juniper’s £1.5M in pre-seed round in February 2024.

Juno Juniper reproductive health insurance insurtech gateway portfolio
Juniper - Reproductive healthcare - Insurtech Gateway Portfolio

More than 14 million working days are lost each year to a reproductive health concern – they can be some of the toughest and longest health journeys we face. But traditional insurers won’t cover them. In the UK, one in three women suffer from reproductive or gynaecological issues, while one in four men experience low testosterone by age 30.


Juniper addresses a gap in health insurance by providing comprehensive genital insurance for all genders, ensuring easy access for companies and their employees. By better understanding this underrepresented segment of the market they are building an MGA structure to offer reproductive health insurance in a similar way to employee dental insurance.

Juniper founders

Ambra and Sam are a formidable and complimentary duo, with a clear execution-orientated approach.

Ambra Zhang (Co-Founder and CEO) – Started her career in London as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and later became a tech and financial services investor at Eurazeo.

Sam Pratt (Co-Founder and CTO) – Hailing from Australia, Sam has lived in 7 countries and over 9 cities. He’s been an Engineer for over a decade, leading successful teams and departments from Seed through to Series B, including Corporate Innovation Labs.

Ambra Zhang, CEO, and Sam Pratt, CPTO, co-founded Juniper Insurtech Gateway Portfolio

“Insurtech Gateway understood immediately our problem statement and what we wanted to build. We wanted a partner that embodies our mission and we found that with the team at Insurtech Gateway. We are humbled to have their support from day one, and thanks to their deep insurance expertise and alignment of values, we will be a dream team.”

Ambra Zhang, Co-founder at Juniper

“When Juniper asked us to imagine dental insurance, but for your genitals, it opened our eyes to a substantial market that has largely been ignored by traditional insurance. Juniper is removing the stigma surrounding reproductive health issues and enabling employers to offer comprehensive care for their female and male employees. We are delighted to join them on this journey.”

Robert Lumley, Co-Founder at Insurtech Gateway

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