Reality as a service


Geolocarta is reshaping the way the world interacts with reality. They are a mapping technology that elevates how humans map and understand their world.



The current supply of map data is slow, expensive and manual.

Approximately $100k per square km is spent on mapping every year which includes Apple and Google. However, even with this spend the insurance market does not adequately understand risk exposure and suitably prepared for recovery efforts.


Geolocarta aims to solve this problem through their innovative mapping technology. It delivers 365 days of mapping data unlike other mapping services that only release map data 6 times a year. This makes their data easier to access, more accurate and can be utilised in a variety of use cases within the insurance industry and beyond.

Their solution aims to use one click spatial content which can be captured once but sold many times by creating a marketplace that focusses on outcomes, not effort in delivering data.


Stephen Donaldson (Co-Director) – Surveyor and Spatial Industry professional with 14 years in the industry. Built Benchmrk, a smartphone app powered by open data to deliver timely and relevant survey control

“Insurtech Gateway have helped us shape big ideas into deliverable solutions and found forward-thinking leaders in the insurance industry who are willing to embrace new opportunities”

Stephen Donaldson, Founder and CTO of Geolocarta

“Geolocarta has two fantastic technical co-founders who are able to utilise their skills in creating a product that is valuable for market and has the capacity to make real change.”

Simon O’Dell, CEO of Insurtech Gateway Australia

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