Full Stack Developer Wanted

Traveling is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable… but disruptions happen, unfortunately more than we hope, causing stress and anger. What is even more painful is the experience around those disruptions, ignored, rarely compensated, long queue to the counter, etc.

This is where Koala steps in. Their mission is to deliver the best experience in case of travel disruptions leveraging insurance. They work with travel companies to create the best products for their customers. Their data-driven products proactively alert travellers to any disruption and pay-out instantly, no forms, no exclusions, no questions asked.

They are currently focused on tackling flight disruptions but we will soon offer covers for all other transportation modes. In only 12 months, they have become regulated to sell insurance, built solid relationships with major insurance players and signed their first partnerships. They are alumni of Techstars and have closed a €1.6m seed round despite COVID-19.


Koala insurtech gateway portfolio

“It is time to join us on our quest to reinvent travel insurance! We will set Koala as the standard in customer experience for travel insurance. We are looking for a mission-driven player to help us change the market.” Ugo, Co-Founder, Koala


  • Create and maintain an API capable of supporting 200M requests a year (6 requests/second) with spikes x50 while guaranteeing the shortest response time possible.
  • Guarantee non-breaking releases (Manage multiple API versions).
  • Document API.
  • Create easy to integrate ways to access the API (swagger, packages, iframe, etc.)
  • Guarantee the data integrity (client and insurance).
  • Create a reporting system capable of tracking every insurance-related operation (calculate the cost, due, etc.)
  • Create and maintain the different admin panels.
  • Understand performance-related constraints.

Technical skill needed


  • Javascript / Typescript
  • Database (SQL)
  • AWS
  • Docker

Nice to Have

  • HTML / CSS
  • Vue
  • Experience with Express.js and Sequelize
  • Database (NoSQL)


The Type of Person We’re Looking For

Problem Solver: A natural problem solver and trusted advisor, never shy of presenting a point of view to deliver on business objectives.

Consumer Empathic: Connects with our mission and determined to help us solve our users’ pain
Hungry for Success: Ambitious and proud of their achievements to date.

Positive: Has the charisma, but not the ego, to make a good impression.

A Dedicated Nature: A self-starter who doesn’t need much guidance, who can think fast on their feet,
and pivot when required.

Start-up Attitude: Comfortable in a rapidly changing environment, working with limited resources and
delivering high-quality work at the speed that is necessary for successful business growth.

Curious: Interested in learning more about the industry and ready to innovate according to new


Send us your resume and the reason why you are interested at ugo@hikoala.co